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I am a new customer, how can I create an account?

If you are a new customer, you can click on the right side in the gray bar at the top of every page. On the next page you can create an account by registering as a new customer.


In order to process your order correctly, we need to have a number of personal details. We need your e-mail address to keep you informed about your order. We only use your telephone number if there is a problem with your order. This data will therefore only be used for actions related to your order and not for other purposes. They will also not be passed on to third parties. Moreover, you only have to fill them in once. If you want to order again later, it is sufficient to enter your e-mail address and password.


How do I place my online order?

If you want to place an order in the JagThinK webshop, proceed as follows:


Select the desired item and click on 'Add to cart'. The item has been added to your shopping cart. You can checkout or continue shopping.

Are you done shopping? Then click on 'Proceed to checkout'.

You can now choose whether you want to register (create an account), or whether you want to log in.

  • Choose the shipping method.

  • Choose your payment method.

Finally, you will see a screen with the complete overview of your order. Is everything correct? Then check that you agree with the General Terms and Conditions and the return form and click on 'Place order' to finalize your order.

You will receive a confirmation email from us.


Can I order from abroad?

You can order from abroad.


Can I place an order with my tablet?

You can place an order online via any type of tablet. The ordering process is identical to ordering via a computer. If you have any questions while ordering, you can of course always contact


Can I place an order with my smartphone?

You can place an order in the webshop on the go via any type of smartphone. The layout of our mobile site automatically adapts to your screen. The ordering process is practically identical to ordering via a computer. If you have any questions while ordering, you can of course always contact


Can I cancel my order in the webshop?

Your order is only registered when you have gone through all the steps of the ordering process and have received an order confirmation by e-mail. If you wish to cancel them afterwards, you cannot do so yourself. Please contact as soon as possible so that we can cancel your order.


To deliver

For a fast delivery of your order, we work with different shipping partners.


What are the delivery options?

Delivery at home or at work.

The address you entered in your account details will automatically appear here. If you prefer to have your package delivered to a different address, you can immediately change this here.


What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs (excl. VAT):


  • Belgium : 15.00 EUR (18.15 EUR incl. VAT)

  • Netherlands: 15.00 EUR (18.15 EUR incl. VAT)

  • Other : on request

The shipping costs are based on a package transport of a maximum of 30.00 KG per order. If the ordered goods cannot be sent via parcel transport and the costs are higher, you will be informed in advance. You have the right to cancel the order and the payment will be refunded free of charge.


What is the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on various factors such as the available stock, the chosen delivery method and payment method. The normal delivery time is 3 days if:


The desired item is still available in our online stock.

You choose delivery at work, at home in Belgium.

Longer delivery time?


  • Available stock : if the item is no longer available in our online stock, we will order it immediately.

  • Delivery abroad: you can count on a delivery time of at least 2 and a maximum of 10 days.

  • Payment by bank transfer : we can only deliver your package once we have received the payment. We receive payment almost immediately with a debit or credit card. A bank transfer takes an average of 4 banking days to complete.

  • Incomplete order : if you ordered several items in the same order, we can only deliver your package once your order is complete.

  • Quality control : before we ship your package, all items undergo a thorough manual check of size, color, quality, etc. If the items do not meet the quality requirements, we will immediately order a new item and inform you.

Can I change my delivery method?

If you wish to change your delivery method after ordering, you can do so. Please contact as soon as possible.

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