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Different ways to Improve Your Boating Skills

Waterways are filled with friendly boaters, just think of how many times someone has waved as you passed by. As much as there’s shared appreciation of this fantastic boating lifestyle, there’s a greater appreciation for boating properly and safely.

Whether it's the middle of summer or the coolest part of winter, even when its too cold to hit the water, any time is an ideal time to practice and improve your boat handling skills. Knowledge is power, after all.

Follow these five boat handling tips to ensure a tip of the hat comes with those friendly waves when you launch this spring.

1. Enroll in Boating Safety & Training Courses

Most countries require boat owners and operators to have some type of formal educational training or even a boating license. If you haven’t already, sign up for instruction, provided by top-notch organizations.

2. Practice Your Navigation Skills

If there’s a secluded beach you’ve been dying to anchor off of, map out your route now. This way, you’ll be even more confident when you cast off the lines.

Check your nautical charts, or a marine navigation app, for water depths, submerged obstacles, or other potential difficulties along the way, too.

3. Double Check Your Onboard Equipment

Start with life jackets. Now’s the time to ensure buckles and seams are intact, and that the flotation devices don’t have holes, either.

Also ensure that your kids haven’t outgrown the life jackets they used last summer as well.

4. Learn Your Boating Knots

Tying oneself up in knots is a good thing in this case. Can you tell a cleat hitch from a clove hitch? Take some time to get familiar with all the basic boating knots.

You can always keep some spare line by the TV or your favorite chair to ensure you keep practicing.

5. Ask for Advice

Last but not least, ask for specific help to improve your boat-handling skills, and do it well before spring launch.

  • Is there a fellow slip holder at your marina who always seems to know what to do?

  • Or maybe your friend or family members who's been boating for years, could show you the ropes?

  • How about the dealer who sold you your boat—has he or she encouraged you to reach out with questions?

Take advantage of these knowledgeable people now, to become one of them yourself.

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